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Kontex is a circular and holistic organizational orchestration that is able to serve in any phase of textile industry from raw fabrics to end products.


We offer comprehensive brand and client management, along with expert production planning, to ensure
seamless operations and high-quality results across every stage of your textile projects.

About Us

Welcome to KONTEX® – your partner in circular and holistic organizational orchestration within the textile industry. We excel in every phase of textile production, from raw fabrics to finished products. Our mission is to connect ideal manufacturing partners to produce high-quality products and deliver reliable services to the right clients. With KONTEX®, you can trust that each step of your textile journey is managed with precision and care, ensuring excellence and sustainability throughout.


At KONTEX®, we believe in a circular and holistic approach to business. Our extensive network encompasses every phase of the textile industry, from raw fabrics to finished products. Through our carefully curated partnerships, we connect the best manufacturers with clients seeking high-quality textile solutions.


We value your feedback and are here to assist you with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

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